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1 finger that represents what I think of Buzzfeed
(Updated: 08-21-14)

Every time I see the Her poster.
(Updated: 01-24-14)

Nobody cares which Star Wars character you are.
(Updated: 01-18-14)

Holy shit: my first ever talk in Sweden!
(Updated: 11-18-13)

You're all idiots.
(Updated: 12-06-12)

The most badass cyber monday ad ever made.
(Updated: 11-26-12)

Maybe people need to give Todd Akin the benefit of doubt.
(Updated: 08-22-12)

Quit posting these.
(Updated: 08-13-12)

Holy shit! A mom getting attacked by a lion! (new shirt)
(Updated: 06-11-12)

Anyone who posts a link to an Instagram image from a Twitter account linked on Facebook is getting banned. I'm not going to click 3 links to see your shitty post. Fuck off.
(Updated: 04-19-12)

This girl doesn't believe in permissions.
(Updated: 03-22-12)

This is awesome.
(Updated: 02-24-12)

This meme needs to die.
(Updated: 02-14-12)

Check out my new skater shoes.
(Updated: 01-17-12)

Was going through some of my old stuff when I found this gem, along with a drawing of a lioness giving me a handy.
(Updated: 12-15-11)

You don't need to post every picture ever taken of you on Facebook...
(Updated: 12-15-11)

I was on KATU, Channel 2, in Portland recently.
(Updated: 12-05-11)

"In his nauseating new book, I Am Better Than Your Kids, Maddox spends 300 pages being an asshole." -Willamette Week. Read all about how shittymy book is here.
(Updated: 12-05-11)

This is 40 minutes long.
(Updated: 09-27-11)

Osama Bin Laden dead.
(Updated: 05-01-11)

Posters added to store.
(Updated: 05-05-10)

I took part in's "Ask me anything." Here are the results.
(Updated: 01-29-10)

Photographic evidence of faces rocked on my book tour finally posted.
(Updated: 11-20-09)

Announcing: "The Best Show in the Universe."
(Updated: 12-09-08)

Vageyena Man Sightings.
(Updated: 01-23-08)

Wallstreet reacts to my latest article. Me: 1, Crocs: 0
(Updated: 11-09-07)

The best comic in the universe is finally finished! Now I can finally go back to regularly not updating my site.
(Updated: 07-06-06)

Finally, something worth reading hits the UK. The US version is still rocking crotches here.
(Updated: 06-30-06)

Behold, for the first time in the history of the universe, "The Alphabet of Manliness."
(Updated: 03-28-06)

Failed parent design available.
(Updated: 12-02-05)

Hurricane Katrina donation results.
(Updated: 09-26-05)

Bowl of my nuts.
(Updated: 09-19-05)

Blocked in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
(Updated: 09-11-05)

Two new designs available.
(Updated: 08-08-05)

Illustrator results.
(Updated: 08-02-05)

Holy shit! The Best Game in the Universe?!
(Updated: 06-17-05)

I have a twin brother who works for a radio station in Atlanta!
(Updated: 05-28-05)

April Fool's 2005 page.
(Updated: 04-02-05)

100,000,000'th visitor came to my site on March 18, 2005.
(Updated: 03-18-05)

Holy shit! I'm writing a book!
(Updated: 02-22-05)

Special request.
(Updated: 02-04-05)

First picture from Titan probe.
(Updated: 01-15-05)

Image archive updated.
(Updated: 12-03-04)

Holy shit, a Maddox comic?!
(Updated: 08-11-04)

(Updated: 05-24-04)

Quit installing shit from websites you don't trust.
(Updated: 04-30-04)

April Fool's 2004 page.
(Updated: 04-01-04)

Banned in the United Arab Emirates.
(Updated: 01-08-04)

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