Holy shit, a Maddox comic book?!

If you're thinking to yourself "man, I sure hope Maddox isn't working on a comic book," today might be the worst day of your life.

That's right assholes, I'm working with an illustrator on my very own comic book. As if this announcement isn't enough to make you question your faith, I'm going to include one or more of the following in my comic book:

  • Old people being yelled at.
  • Children being thrown out of buildings.
  • Stuck up liberal arts majors discovering what my fist tastes like.
  • Lumber jacks wrestling sharks.
  • Giant piles of lesbians eating beef jerky and/or playing video games.
  • Exploding dinosaurs.
  • Zombies slammed into wood chippers.
  • Small animals being punted over a fence.
  • People getting kicked in the mouth.

    And that's just in the first frame. I'm not one for embellishing, but I think I can say with all objectivity that this will be the best comic book in the universe (even ones not published yet, unless I publish a second issue). Here's how awesome this comic book will be: my mom hates my web site; the first time she read it, she literally cried, and even she plans on buying three issues.

    Hell, this comic is so awesome, you may want to buy two just so you can wear one around your neck.

    More details soon...

    941,906 patients awaiting heart transplants would rather have my comic if given the choice.


    Back to how much I rule...

    © 2004 by Maddox