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Saturday, July 3
Update By: Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka

Comedy Goldmine!!

What's a "comedy goldmine" you ask? It's like a normal goldmine, except instead of chiseling away at sedimentary layers of limestone and shale for flakes of gold, we mine the forums for flakes of golden comedy! Once we find a suitable photoshop, we essentially take credit for the image by slapping our logo on it, giving the original author the satisfaction only having your name written in text with a 10 point font can give. Then if a picture is funny enough to be passed around the Internet, nobody will ever know who the original author was, but they know to come to Something Awful if they want more of the same--that is, as long as creative people keep signing up for forum accounts! So it's time to quit being a faggot and check out this week's submissions:

Thanks, Chuck

Thanks, Tom

Thanks, Bill

Thanks, Katy

Thanks, w3bw0rkZZZZ

Thanks, Captain Hilarious

Until the next phorum photoshop phriday, that's all the phun (or should I say PUN?) you get! Enjoy, retards.

Buy something, faggot!
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