The best movies in the Universe:


The movies are to be rated as follows-

(S++++) - Possibly the Best Movie in the Universe

(S+++) - Holy shit this is a good movie. Should be considered an immediate mandatory purchase.

(S++) - Damn good movie, but may contain some mushy love bullshit.

(S+) - Pretty good movie; has a lot of potential, but is usually flawed by children singing & dancing. Not enough violence & people screaming.

(S) - Eh.. ho-hum. One of those movies that you're dragged along to see. It sucks, and only remotely tolerable at best. Don't see this movie unless it's considered a personal favor by whoever you're watching it with.

(SHIT) - Just what it says. This movie is shit. Don't watch it unless you have to (consider reading as a serious alternative). Think of it as being an hour long Full House episode.

(PUTRID) - Another James Bond/Disney/Earnest Goes to.../Pauly Shore/John Leguizamo atrocity. Run screaming in the other direction if you come near one of these movies.

(BRAVEHEART) - A critically aclaimed movie that gets a billion awards, but really sucks, and everyone likes it just to spite you. Chances are that the same people who liked this movie like "You might be a redneck if.." jokes. Only watch this movie if you're repaying someone for saving your life, and wish that they hadn't.

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