On Mon, 29 Sep 2003, Steven Farfan wrote:

I'm really concerned about your e-mail regarding Bush "making political satirists obsolete since 2000". First off, your argument seems to revolve around Bush's misspeaking, which I will respond to first. Your biggest error here is that mispronunciations and misspeaking equal ineptitude or low IQ. I take personal offense to that statement. I am dyslexic. I was lucky that at a young age my teacher was able to identify my learning disability so that I no longer see upside down and backwards. Let me explain, briefly, what this disorder means. Essentially, my brain now takes information that it receives upside down and backwards. Unconsciously, my brain now conforms that information so that it makes sense. What happens now that I am an adult is that I misread often. I skip words, and replace letters, especially under pressure or when reading at a faster pace than I am used to. Just the other day, I was speaking in a forum to a doctor and other medical staff, and instead of saying congenital anomaly, I said congenial anomaly. In case you need to look it up, that would mean a friendly anomaly, for instance a really friendly growth. We all got a laugh about it, but because of ignorant asses like you I still can't help but wonder if people are making judgments about me that simply are not true. Let me expand just a little on this topic. In school, I was always embarrassed that I could not read as fast as the other kids, and I could not spell for crap. My parents never let me use dyslexia as an excuse. I went through primary and secondary education without every telling my schools that I had a learning disability. I saw it as embarrassing then so I did not get extra help that liberals often take advantage of. Getting back to Bush, I cannot say whether or not he has a learning disability. What I can say though is that he, like me, may just not have ever told anybody about it, so it might warrant looking into. Our society places way too great an emphasis on the written and spoken words, and less on action. I can go on for longer about this, but all I have to say is what a shame.

As for your very elementary political arguments, hey, everyone is welcome to their opinions. I'm not sure where you are from, but I happen to know many Bush supporters locally and across our country. You claim to have no affiliation with the two dominant political parties "just a guy who is tired of bullshit". Not sure what that means, Green Party? Really though it doesn't matter, what your hinting to is that you are an "independent thinker", which surprises me because your "satire" and arguments are so bad. Also, please tell me that you do not get your news from sites such as gwbush.com. First off what a shitty recording. Secondly, I would really like to get a valid (news worthy) transcript of this speech before I comment. Unfortunately it is way too easy these days to modify voice recordings. Which by the way is only one reason we cannot confirm those voice recordings of Bin Laden and Sadam.

a.. He hasn't started World War III yet. What??? I would strongly back a world war against terrorism, but other than that, not sure where you are going with this crap statement. Please clarify.

a.. He manages to mutilate the English language only every other speech. We already touched on this. If you can say ok, here is his actual IQ, here are his grades, here are his actions, and here are examples of his "mutilating" the English language, the most I can give you is correlation. I can tell you if I gave you that information about myself, there is a 0 correlation with my mutilation of the English language with my IQ, grades, or work performance for that matter. Back to Bush though, the fact is, the only information you have are his political actions, all of which, so far, I agree and most people would if they took the time to look at the entire action.

a.. He cut taxes on dividends, because I'll be damned if those weren't putting me in the poor house. He cut taxes on dividends because their money is already taxed once. Obviously you have never had to deal with them yourself and you don't understand finances. The tax is a penalty tax (penalizing those who invest and enable our economy to be the biggest and the best in the world), and I do not agree with penalty taxes for the rich or poor.

a.. He made our civil liberties less cumbersome by taking away all that long-winded drivel about having the right to report on immigration hearings conducted by the Justice Department, the right to protection against unreasonable search and seizure with McCarthy's, er, Ashcroft's PATRIOT act, and the right to due process for US citizens suspected of being terrorists. You must have something to hide. Hey, if you are even suspect of being a terrorist, I say search away. The key word though is the unreasonable. You still need to be able to provide valid rational to investigate. The amount of time it takes to process a warrant, which are based on your rational, is sufficient for someone to escape or do damage. I say search all you want, and detain if necessary, if you have valid evidence that someone is engaged in taking away the life and liberty of even one American Citizen.

a.. He withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty. Good I say, global stability was getting to be a pain in the ass. You really have your head in your ass if you think for a second that there has ever been "global stability". Historically, there has never, ever been "global stability". Recently speaking, the great Ronald Regan (react if you want), ended the cold war with Russia. Russian instability which then ensued, which buy the way happens when you change a government structure (see also Iraq and Afghanistan), enabled third world countries and political extremists to obtain the means of producing weapons of mass destruction. Since then, many things have happened, or more correctly have not happened (thanks to Clinton), to maintain our stance as a world superpower. The fact is that recently the French, Koreans, Chinese, and India to name a few have been developing and testing Nuclear weapons and delivery systems. To meet that threat, we have withdrawn from that outdated, non-functional treaty, so that we can remain ever vigilant and are not met with a threat we are not prepared to meet with overwhelming power.

About Bush, the brightest guy in the universe? No, god no. At least he has the ability to recognize his weaknesses and surround himself with people that are better qualified to give him advice. Not like the messiah Clinton who is pompous enough to think he knows best in all matters. He surrounded himself with those less qualified than himself, which helped him to look better than everyone.

I also invite you to respond. I have much more to say, but am sure most of it would go over your head. One thing I will ask though is that you ask yourself what you are accomplishing from writing this mindless crap. Like I said before, you are welcome to your opinions. What happens when you send out shit e-mails like this is that people who are even less intelligent than you are taking what you say seriously. Some even quote shit like this as fact. Unbelievable. You are enabling idiots is what you are doing. It's like welfare, you enable people to be poor, unproductive members of society and before you know it you have multiplied the number of poor unproductive members of society.

So, if you do respond, first, stay off the pipe. Then, put together your thoughts and be sure that they are educated arguments. Say them out loud first to see if they make any sense. This is the last time I will respond to any asinine comments. Have a great day.

Steven Farfan


Hey Steven, what does a learning disability have to do with ANYTHING?
Over 90% of your long-winded psycho-babble had to deal with your
insecurities and your own learning disabilities, then you go so far
as to say Bush may also have such disabilities just because he
talks like an idiot. Nice deduction dipshit.

Let's assume he does: so what? What does the inability to speak
properly have to do with making poor decisions? Where are the
weapons of mass destruction? Why the fuck are we spending $87
billion on Iraq when our own schools are dilapidated, three states
are in a water crisis and California is nearly bankrupt? Don't
feed me this humanitarian bullshit, there are plenty of countries
that need our help, why Iraq? I know Bush supporters love to say
"well we have to start somewhere," that is, if you can pry your
dyslexic lips off of his dick long enough to stutter out a sentence,
so what about Indonesia and their decades of civil rights violations,
jailing of political dissidents, state sponsored torture, rape
and kidnapping? What about Kim Jong-Il who has threatened to
"cover America with seas of flame?"

Where the fuck are the weapons of mass destruction? If this war
was so just, why the fuck were fake documents used to back up Iraq's
non-existent nuclear weapons program? Why was "intelligence" plagiarized
by 10 Downing Street on a dossier made with 13 year old information,
then presented by Powell to the UN as credible up-to-the-minute
intelligence? Just how threatening was Iraq if we were able to topple
their military in 13 days? War on terrorism? Great, how about we
declare a war on anger, crime or any other ideology. Hell, it worked
great on the war on drugs. It's damn near impossible to score a joint
these days.. oh wait.

As for your argument "you must have something to hide. Hey, if you
are even suspect of being a terrorist, I say search away." Well I
say "FUCK YOU." It's called the fourth amendment, if you don't like
it, build a time machine and move your freedom hating dumbass back
to Nazi Germany.

Seriously man, I don't think having a learning disorder makes you
a fucking idiot, but it sure as hell doesn't make you less of one.

Maybe your disorder has prevented you from learning that it's a bad
idea to send strangers on the Internet hate mail, especially when
you include your phone number. It's just common fucking sense not
to, especially if I decided to post your email on my site--unless
you like receiving phone calls at all hours of the night from raving

Then you carbon copy a few of your friends on the list, like a proud
fourth grader hanging up his grades on the fridge. What the fuck is
that? Good job dipshit, don't bother replying, you're one hell of
a condescending son of a bitch for being such an idiot.