Celine Dion Blows Ass.

The evil bitch: Celine Dion.

First of all, I'd like to address her fans: GO TO HELL. Next, I'd like to address her (and if she know's what's good for her, she'll come to my page often, because it's the best): Just Die. You stupid, ugly, hag. I don't want to hear your music, I don't want to hear your bullshit. I don't even want to risk hearing it by accident on someone else's radio. You make me SICK, you sack of puke.

Celine Dion's face looks like it was stitched to her ass. I can't even begin to fathom why anyone likes her, or her overly emotional "music". It sounds contrived, almost as if she's wailing out of self-pity. As one stupid jerk fan puts it: "It deftly leaps from intimacy to grandeur, from joy to heart-wrenching sadness and across the full emotional spectrum while maintaining a stylistic and thematic unity." Joy to heart-wrenching sadness my ASS. "while maintaining a stylistic and thematic unity." What the hell is this bullshit.. will someone please tell me what this bullshit is... I'm wading through the bullshit..

I've heard her rendition of the revolting "My Heart Will Go On" atrocity by James Horner and William Jennings. It sucks. I've gone through more emotions while taking a 10-minute shit than listening to that blubbering hag weep about love and feelings. Feelings are for the weak. Listen to this sap go on about the sound track of the movie "Titanic": "James has walked the tightrope by using synthesizer, vocals and full orchestra to create a timeless sound which tells us that these people were not so very different from us. Their hopes, their fears, their passions are like ours."

Just when I thought the bullshit couldn't get any thicker than this- WHAM. I find myself in a heap of bullshit. What the hell is this jack-ass blabbing about? Their hopes, fears, and passions being not unlike our own? This sovereign of the obvious is right on mark. What the hell else would their "hopes, their fears," and "their passions" be like? What, are we to assume that these overpaid actors, anachronistically depicting a bunch of losers from the late nineteenth / early-twentieth century, are conveying feelings of humans that were somehow vastly different from those found in our own time? What a crock of shit. That is why I won't see the movie "Titanic" or any other big budget suck-fest made to target the weak-minded, empty, boring, depressed-losers with no other reason to live than to have a few artificial feelings induced by some jack-ass that wrote a "love" story. And this is why I hate Celine Dion.

I hate Celine Dion. Her, that damned Alanis Morisette, Ellen Degeneris, Disney, trends, music etc etc. If you like Celine Dion, you're a sucker. You're the kind of person that asks for help in stores. A sap. A coward.

people feel nauseated when they hear Celine Dion.

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