3 Straight White Males who won Oscars this year. Disgusting.

The patriarchy was in full force this year at the Academy Awards. Guess who won Oscars? If you guessed men, YOU'RE RIGHT! And not a single one of them prefers homosexual intercourse or has brown skin.

Here they are:

  1. Alejandro González Iñárritu
  2. Source: Tumblr

    Ugh. This picture is dripping with white privilege. Hey asshole, ever heard of a thing called diversity? Yeah, look into it.

  3. Emmanuel Lubezki
  4. Source: Tumblr

    Emmanuel Lubezki? Are you kidding me? He's got so much male privilege, his name even has the word "man" in it: Em-MAN-uel. Patriarchy much, Lubezki? More like Lucky-you-were-born-a-man-zki because that's the only reason you won an Oscar, idiot.

  5. Leonardo DiCaprio
  6. Source: Tumblr

    What a stupid asshole. Why didn't they cast an African American man to play Leonardo DiCaprio in the period piece, Revenant? Or at least someone brown. They should have casted Pocahontas. Yay Pocahontas!! I love love love you!

    Source: Tumblr

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