Male Feminists: you need to stop doing this:

Male feminists. Ugh, am I right?

On one hand, it's cute that they're trying. On the other hand, barf. Can you, like, not? Here are some tips on how:

  1. Don't give advice

  2. Source: Tumblr

    If you want to be an ally—and trust me, you do—don't give us your advice. You don't know what it's like to have breasts. You need to respect us by treating us like we're more delicate. Part of doing that includes not giving us advice. I can't even.

  3. Don't Man-Splain to us

  4. Man-splaining (verb): The act of talking when you're a man.

    Zip it, oppressor. Whatever it is you're saying doesn't matter because you have a penis. Unless you don't identify with the sex you were born with and/or are gender fluid. Then it's okay to have a penis. We only want to talk to marginalized groups of society, like the 51% of the population that's female, 2% of people who are gay and 1% of people who are trans-sexual, so the minority of 54%.

  5. Don't ask to join our women-only social groups

  6. Source: Tumblr

    Listen bro, it's for women only. What don't you get? Why don't you stick to your male-only club called congress, the senate, the executive office and THE REST OF THE WORLD.

  7. Don't hang around too long

  8. We just want to vent to someone who'll listen to us, cuddle in a non-sexual way and take us out for ice cream and pick up our rent occasionally, but don't even think about having sex with us. If you are attracted to us on any level other than strictly platonic, you are a monster.

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