STOP eating Indian food RIGHT NOW!

Source: Tumblr

You may be thinking that you're just going to pick up some curry on your way home, no harm in that, right? Except there is:

It's problematic.

That's because with every bite of chicken masala you eat, you're re-appropriating someone else's culture. And while you're at it, it's time to stop doing yoga, braiding your hair, having an afro, listening to rap, eating Chinese food, or dressing up as anything that could be perceived as culturally insensitive for Halloween.

It's time we all stopped hurting each other's feelings, and we can start by eating only foods that have been deemed appropriate for our cultures to eat. Still want to eat Indian food? No problem, just go to India.

That way a real Indian can make it for you and you'll be eating locally grown sustainable free range organic non-gmo farm-to-table grass-fed gluten free food like our ancestors.

Source: Tumblr

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