7 Questions from Brave Feminists for Straight White Men

Attention all men: you're being called to task. It's time to be held accountable.

  1. How dare you?
  2. How does it feel to be white AND a man?

    Source: Tumblr

  3. Really?

  4. Just, really? I can't even.

  5. Do you think having a dick makes you the boss of us?

  6. Source: Tumblr

    Think again! It's time for you to accept the radical notion that women are people. Wow, what a concept. #icanteven #bae

  7. What does it feel like to make more money?

  8. Does it feel good? I bet it does. Just wondering.

  9. How does it feel standing up to pee?

  10. Standing up to pee is everything wrong with male privilege. Sit down.

  11. Must be awesome being straight.

  12. I can't imagine how easy it must be for you to get laid. Yet when we do it, we're sluts. Everybody thinks a guy who gets laid a lot is awesome. Every single person. Even when that guy gets a reputation for having STDs. It just makes him cooler.

  13. Why do you think it's not okay to cry?

  14. Do you think you're tough, bro? Real strength comes from male tears. And then I drink your tears and gain your strength. What do you have to say about yourself, shitlord? Comment below. Comments have been disabled due to threatening comments people were posting, which is unique to this website and not a universal and intrinsic part of the Internet as a whole.

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