Dove, maker of beauty products, thinks we're all beautiful. So buy some soap.

Source: Tumblr

Dove recently did a social experiment to show women just how beautiful they are. No matter what size or color you are, we all need soap. So powerful.

Nothing makes me feel empowered like corporate altruism. I think Dove is sending an important message to young girls everywhere: beauty has value in society, and if you don't think you're beautiful, there's something wrong with you because you are. We're all beautiful. Every single one of us. Whether you're a super model or just a middle-aged house wife who has flatulence and wears mom pants, we can all use beauty products to make ourselves more beautiful.

Did you know that sometimes boys on a playground will make fun of girls by saying they run like girls? Buy some soap.

Boys don't have any pressures like girls do. Except making up 91% of all incarcerations, but male privilege so it's a wash.

Beauty comes from within. And from without. And by that I mean your skin. Buy some age-defying lotion. Not that you need it, because you're already beautiful. But you can be more beautiful. Dove.

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